Momoa’s ‘Guns,’ 3D stripes and ample décolletage: Fashion At The 77th Golden Globes

Although we didn’t exactly expect any latex couture across the red carpet of the 77th Golden Globes, some fashion choices are worth noting. And seeing as this was the first true Hollywood see-and-be-scene of the New Year, maybe some of the fashions revealed will point a way ahead…at least for the next few months.

We could be snarky and go for the all-too-easy quip, just like the NY Post did here, referencing some very ample ‘globes,’ on display this past Sunday night. There was Kerry Washington in her revealing Altuzarra wardrobe—a slit skirt, open blazer, and thin-strapped metallic harness over her bare chest. Salma Hayek in eye-stopping Gucci, revealing a ridiculously perfect and pert cleavage. And lastly, Patricia Arquette showing herself off in a plunging to near-periscope-depth, gauzy gown. 

All these ladies looked fantastic and two are over 50. Talk about female empowerment!

We also were treated to some beefcake, from none other than the beefiest of them all presently, Jason Momoa. Although he was wearing an emerald velvet suit and black pants, after the night wore on, he draped his jacket across his wife Lisa Bonet’s shoulders. Luckily for those of us who adore Aquaman, Momoa had on a tight black tank under his jacket, and we all got to spy his big biceps.

Portia de Rossie and wife Ellen Lee DeGeneres (DeGeneres took home the Carol Burnett Award this night) wore suits, Portia sporting a decidedly skinny black tie to Ellen’s sparkly pants and jacket. Gwyneth Paltrow went with the popular nude dress style, wearing a macrame bikini under the same color tulle. And Joey King, showing herself in fine newcomer acting form in Uncut Gems, wore an Iris van Herpen white claim-shell outfit, with thin black stripes cut vertically across it in 3D rendering, 3D sure to be making even more significant and brighter strides this year and beyond.

The Golden Globes program is the kick-off to what amounts to lots of Hollywood back-slapping shows soon to be upon us. Whoever wins what, at least we had some fun checking out who was wearing what…and how they wore it. 

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