New For 2020: Beyoncé & Amazon

Although there isn’t even a latex panty in sight, it seems Beyoncé and Amazon are amping-up their entry into fashion retailing for 2020.

This first full week of the New Year Miss Bey ‘dropped’ a video of the Ivy Park x Adidas partnership she recently announced in an Elle Magazine piece. In this new promo clip, Miss Bey appears alongside several models (Ebonee Davis and Adonis Bosso among them) wearing items from her collection. With voice-overs announcing “I find love in everything that I do,” and proclaiming that “…barriers are not going to stop me,” we get slow-motion moments of high-flying athletics with models wearing signature tops and pants in stripe designs, purples, whites, and bright orange. There’s a super sexy shot of the famous diva wearing a high-cut bodysuit straddling an exercise bike, and later Beyoncé wears that same booty-baring wardrobe when walking away from the camera. In this classic shot, her braids sway down her back with her brand spelled out in white down her back.

Ivy Park x Adidas launches 1/18/2020.

If the WWD site is to be trusted, Mega online retail giant Amazon will be unleashing their fashion portal very soon. Rumor has it that Amazon’s will present fashion very much like concessions that are currently sold in high-end specialty stores. Certain brands operate a store-within-a-store model, leasing space and sharing a percentage of sales to the larger store they come to be housed in. Amazon’s supposed new platform will allow haute couture houses to do this, online, their template giving the designer or house a substantial control of their presence.

This move would prove to be Amazon’s first true foray into fashion, a retail area they have had trouble cracking. One might recall Birkenstock and Nike both leaving Amazon after first being listed.

For sure, we will see lots of Beyoncé’s the Ivy Park x Adidas, and if the Amazon fashion portal comes to pass, certainly, they will make a mark.

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