Sophie Simmons, Positive Influencer

There are ‘influencers’ in every facet of our modern world, from latex clothing to haute couture, to music and film, politics, to just about everything in between and beyond. Celebrities as much as Youtube stars post, earn viewers, cash from corporate sponsors, as much keeping to the pulse of the culture as lending it its rhythm. Sophie Simmons seems to be someone garnering daily attention, a sure influencer, especially in what she wears as much as how she wears it. The 27-year-old-woman just posted a picture of herself wearing a cleavage-baring leather swimsuit that we couldn’t help but notice.

Gene Simmon’s and Shannon Tweed’s daughter is listed on her Wikipedia page as an “an American and Canadian singer, television personality, advocate for children, and model who promotes body positivity.” If the videos on her website are any indication and all the pictures Sophie posts regularly on Instagram in various outfits and stages of undress give us a clue, it is true, Sophie is a talented singer/songwriter, and she equally knows how to show off a wardrobe…and herself. This latest leather swimsuit shot of Sophie is just another in a long line of Instagram shots in which she reveals her curvy self, wearing lingerie, gowns, various jackets, jeans, and accessories, posing in lots of locations, in many ways.

To our way of thinking, women (and even men) championing body positivity is always a good thing. It is indeed heartening to see one of our modern-day culture influencers using a platform to as much further her career making positive statements. Right now, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons front KISS on their final tour, but one could argue that Sophie has her father beat as far as present mainstream popularity goes.

It’s as essential to “Shout It Out Loud” as it is to feel comfortable in your own skin.

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