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Halloween House cropped

What You-Know-Who Is Wearing For Halloween 2018

Beyoncé revealed herself across Instagram recreating Tony Braxton’s cover for Braxton’s first official single “Another Sad Love Song.” Dressed in white tee, short black wig, Beyoncé made the perfect “Phoni” Braxton, as she titled the picture. Having just shown up at the Twisted Tales Unicef event in London, Rita Orr made quite a bit of […]

Darkness Descends For New York Fashion Week

A mere decade ago we wouldn’t be talking ‘sets,’ the influence of non-broadcast T.V. on fashion or even the fact that so many of the shows during New York Fashion Week happen at so many ‘off-site’ locations. But things for Calvin Klein, Coach and pretty much everybody else has changed so much in the hate […]

L’Oreal’s One Two Punch With Winona Ryder & David Beckham

Starring Winona Ryder, this one-minute clip of the “Stranger Things” mom has her backstage readying herself in her dressing room. Winona plays with her hair, reads a note card attached to flowers, and studies a script, as a stirring Lea’s Michele’s “Anything Possible,” swirls behind her and the point is made about comebacks. Like it […]

2017 Her Universe Fashion Show-cropped

The 2017 Her Universe Fashion Show

Yes, the latex costumes do manage to sneak in, but generally it’s a full cornucopia of latex, PVC lace, leather and pretty much anything else you can care to name that makes the cosplay scene. At San Diego’s Comic-Con 2017, attendees are showing up in all kinds of imaginative homemade wear and for the 4th […]