Darkness Descends For New York Fashion Week

It’s not that either design house engendered any real fetish looks or latex clothing into their mix. But a certain ‘creepy’ factor slipped into New York Fashion Week this week, via the showings from Calvin Klein and Coach.

Raf Simons took to an apocalyptic theme to present his runway show, using buzz words like “wider, universal” “pioneer,” “cinema” and “collage” to punctuate what he was trying to create down at the American Stock Exchange this week. Littering the floor of the place with popcorn, 20 C.K. models were dressed in neon and hazmat gear, balaclavas, sauntering through a barn-like stage setting. Into this dystopian wardrobe display Simons had some models in sweaters featuring “Looney Tunes” characters as well those in prairie dresses and button-downs. Also featured were those western shirts that Calvin Klein is so known for.

This collection is Simons’s second for Calvin Klein.

By all accounts, Coach went even deeper (and more specific) for their dark theme runway presentation this year. Their designer, Stuart Vevers is an admitted rabid fan of Netflix’s hit “Stranger Things.” Paying homage to the horror series now in its second season, the Coach set at Basketball City featured suspended trees, flickering T.V.’s and a sprayed sheen across most of the surfaces. Coach also brought out some western wear-lots of fringe was seen-and feature a new leather backpack accessory.

There was no Demogorgon in sight though.

A mere decade ago we wouldn’t be talking ‘sets,’ the influence of non-broadcast T.V. on fashion or even the fact that so many of the shows during New York Fashion Week happen at so many ‘off-site’ locations. But things for Calvin Klein, Coach and pretty much everybody else has changed so much in the haute couture world (it’s even a wonder we are still actually having a New York Fashion week considering sponsor problems in the past few years).

This year, things just got very dark indeed.


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