Wardrobe Fails, Controversial Sneakers and Valentine Treats from the 2018 Winter Olympics Couture

Although not seeing any latex couture in the costuming and uniforms of the 2018 Winter Olympics, still there is lots to talk about with the fashions we have been treated to during, before and after the competitions.

With curling currently getting a lot of attention from break out sex symbol Russian Anastasia Bryzgalova, it was high time men’s curling saw some attention. The male curlers from Norway added to the news this week, on Valentine’s Day actually, when they wore red & pink heart-designed pants to celebrate the day of romantic love…in Pyeongchang.

The Norwegians have previously worn all sorts of patterned trousers but this color concoction display was special.

Not outdoing the Norwegians in color, still this year Mexico’s Olympics skiers have adorned their black suits with something special…skulls. Six time Olympic Mexico skier Hubertus Von Hohenlohe was inspired from his home country’s Dia de los Muertos holiday, to create these uniforms.

In yet more curling couture news, much is being made about a wardrobe accessory worn by American Tyler George. George’s good luck sneakers are a pair of 8-year-old Skechers that he has worn in tournaments around the world.

In more American Olympian haute couture news, Team USA outfitted themselves for these Winter Olympics in high stye, most of which is available for anyone who wants to buy these wardrobe pieces.  In their “team processing,” U.S. athletes took to the opening ceremony in Ralph Lauren parkas, each with an American flag adorning the jacket and built-in heating technology.  There were also vintage wool red, white and blue sweaters, fringed suede gloves and the classic warm weather staple, “footie” P.J.’s, complete with a hood.

One of the biggest stories of costuming and what Olympians were decked out in, came less from what an athlete was wearing as what they almost weren’t. South Korean Figure skater Yura Min had her red costume come undone (the hook at the back of her neck began to loosen) just minutes into her program, during a “twizzle” with her partner, Alexander Gamelin.

The lady carried on in perfect style, completing her entire routine and keeping herself covered.

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