Dawnamatrix Presents The Acrylic Amour Collection

Available exclusively on Dawnamatrix.com, we’re proud to announce the new Acrylic Amour Collection, modern acrylic and stainless steel designs to perfectly accessorize latex clothing. I happen to be collaborating with AAC designer Snow Winters on an upcoming project for WOW and am featuring her unique jewelry (the first time for Dawnamatrix) in our catalogue. Snow and I met at the markerspace where our laser cutter is located, pretty much hit it off and began talking about combining fashion and technology…a subject we are both rather heavily interested in.

Not only are Snow’s pieces one-of-a-kind styling but they are made from highly reflective materials that catch the light in ways no other ornamentation can. There are plenty of latex accessories out there, you have seen plenty, I am sure. Chain mail, studded collars and gloves, masks and hats, not to mention the wide range of shoes available. But we believe Acrylic Amour is the first and last finishing touch you will want with your latex couture.

Included in the collection are earrings, necklaces and bracelets. As you will see when you peruse the AAC page (see here), Snow has an exciting way of presenting geometric shapes, while retaining a warm edge to her creations. When it comes to anything we would ever recommend to go with our wardrobe pieces, from the line of latex care beGLOSS products we feature to something as special as Snow’s jewelry, we only align ourselves with high craftsmanship and unique vision; the way we see it, the Acrylic Amour Collection is the very best.
All pieces are made-to-order and ship in 10 days. And as with lots of what we do here at Dawnamatrix, bespoke custom color and sizing options are available on specific pieces.

In the picture here, we have model Celina wearing the Hive Honeycomb Shoulders piece of Acrylic Amour from a recent shoot with Julian Wilde at Wildevision Studios.

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