Nike sexualizes Paris?

It should be noted that Nike will offer over fifty pieces for athletes to wear, which include, compression shorts, and crop top bodysuits with shorts.

Looking At Alternative Fashions 2023-Part 2

Were there more moments of latex finery in 2023…you bet. And there will be more to come in 2024, we are sure. Stay tuned and happy New Year (a week early) to you all.

Dolly Parton Rocks In Latex?

One might say that this all began with latex when Dolly finally accepted her R&RHoF award by performing on the night she was inducted wearing a latex catsuit.

Ah, The Catsuit

Around the end of the ’50s and into the early 60’s the word ‘catsuit’ began to be used to refer to the one-piece item (although they are still synonymous with bodysuits).

When Accessory Becomes Couture: Bella Hadid @ 74th Cannes Film Festival

But leave it to Bella Hadid to lead the blog-o-news as she did this week when she entered the premiere of “Tre Piani (Three Floors)” at the 74th Cannes Film Festival. The supermodel appeared on the infamous film celebration’s red carpet in a flowing Schiaparelli Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2021/22 crepe gown. The beautiful gown, as much sported long-sleeves but most notably, quite the low-cut neckline.

Diana Rigg: Fashion Icon, Multi-award Winning Actress, Empowered Grande Dame

Arguably the lady’s most famous character, “Emma Peel,” was the very embodiment of a sexy, empowered women kicking ass (literally) during the mid-’60s of swinging England. Wearing as much dangerously sexy outfits (and there is no mistaking the fetish wardrobe, really!) as mod fashions on The Avengers, Rigg became as much a fashion icon as many a teenage boy’s (and some girl’s) fantasy.

Getting Personal With Photographer Paul Allan

Finally we got to work with the man in person, as Paul was recently visiting Seattle. Here we not only got to meet Paul Allan, which was a thrill in and of itself, but also we had the opportunity to work alongside him, styling our garments during his shooting.

With a wonderful local Seattle team, we all created magic. Our model Jessica Mion was a delight, working so very hard (but making it seem so effortless) to give us exactly what we wanted. Kat Trotter-Viterbo lent her amazing talents to hair and Elenna Loredana to MUA. And Paul captured it all through his lens.

Careful With Your Latex…and other clothing as well

In other fashion mishap related news, Lululemon is recalling over three hundred thousand of their women’s tops. It seems the draw cords of the tops-elastic cords with metal or plastic hard ends-have injured enough wearers’ faces and eyes, or became caught on something they have passed…and then snapped back, to cause the recall.

Two years ago Lululemon Athletica Inc. had to recall yoga pants after complaints that the material used in their construction was either too sheer or ‘pilling” and/or splitting at the seams.

Dawnamatrix Fashion Show at Montreal Fetish Weekend 2013

For the 4th year, Dawnamatrix showcased garments at Montreal Fetish Weekend.  Dawnamatrix has chosen this event to display the latest collection of latex clothing each year.  This year’s collection featured custom latex catsuits, shirts, pants, bodysuits, dresses, jackets, and laser cut designs.  The organizers of the event invited the city of Montreal to enjoy the …