Dolly Parton Rocks In Latex?

Yes, we have seen Dolly Parton in some stunning stage costumes, sexy talk show couture and an array of wild wigs throughout her career, but have we not gotten a hint of country legend in latex?

Nominated for a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction two years ago, Dolly initially declined the offer, then accepted (as will be noted in a bit), responding further by stating she would record a rock album. That album, Rockstar, was just released, featuring a host of rock notables helping Dolly with covers, on an album that features four different covers.

And this is where the couture gets interesting indeed. 

In one shot, the 77-year-old music icon is riding a motorcycle wearing a leather jumpsuit; in another, she’s sitting in the front seat of a car behind a cheetah-print steering wheel, wearing a skirt. In still another, she’s wearing an eye patch, and in a seeming one-piece black leather ensemble, she mock plays an electric guitar. Furthermore, Dolly just released a bunch of Instagram pics to honor the new release (see these new photos and videos). In one, she lies back in a super sexy–is it latex, is it leather–black ensemble, with boots, garters, fishnets, and guitar again.

One might say that this all began with latex when Dolly finally accepted her R&RHoF award by performing on the night she was inducted wearing a latex catsuit. On this particular evening in November of last year, Dolly wore a few different outfits but donned our most favorite textile to perform.

She harmonized that night with no less a sartorial metal presence himself, Judas Priest’s Rob Halford.

As she said at the time, “I figured if I’m gonna be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I’m gonna have to earn it.” Dolly did that night, as she has been earning our love and respect as much for her style and music for all of her time in our hearts.

Latex or not.

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