Getting Personal With Photographer Paul Allan

image shootIn the world we presently live in, a latex clothing designer can easily work with their latex supplier, models, even a photographer producing consistently spectacular results remotely. Communication being was it is these days, we have been allowed amazing opportunities spanning a global reach, and in many cases we know we’ll never even meet the many talented people who may come in and out of our orbit. Such was the case, until recently, with the wonderful photographer Paul Allan. In this past year we’ve sent our garments to his studio in Annapolis, collaborating remotely, yet so wonderfully, all with better-then-ever-dreamed-of results. Paul’s meticulous workmanship has always been second-to-none and the pictures he produces for us fine art…as well as being great visual showcases for our couture.

Finally we got to work with the man in person, as Paul was recently visiting Seattle. Here we not only got to meet Paul Allan, which was a thrill in and of itself, but also we had the opportunity to work alongside him, styling our garments during his shooting.

With a wonderful local Seattle team, we all created magic. Our model Jessica Mion was a delight, working so very hard (but making it seem so effortless) to give us exactly what we wanted. Kat Trotter-Viterbo lent her amazing talents to hair and Elenna Loredana to MUA. And Paul captured it all through his lens.image3 shoot 3

The catsuit (which you see in the pictures here) was created by laser cutting each pattern panel to create an intricate all-over effect. To be sure, the basic catsuit is an alternate wardrobe piece we will be selling for as ever long we are in business, a true staple in what we offer. But when we can add texture, color and ever more stunning patterns to even the most basic of latex couture, rest assured we will!

And of course talented people like Kat, Elenna, the stunning Jessica, and of course Mr. Paul Allan, with his talented eye for fashion, style and sexiness, pushes us to continue to reach for ever more unique designs in and with latex.

image2 shoot


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