Hello Kitty Invades Seattle’s EMP Museum

image1You’d be surprised (though if you are a long time cosplayer or simple alt. wardrobe wearer you wouldn’t be) where latex clothing ends up out in the ‘real world.’ We see our favorite shiny material worn by many a well-known celeb, as much for onstage pop performances, as slithering across a red carpet at movie premiers. Really, with the wide variety of colors, textures and styles someone need not just be sporting news-making style or working a fashion exhibition for us all to see a latex bridal gown, a top hat and tails, or a simple A-Line skirt on a guy or gal making the seen-to-be scene. Such was the case when we sported our latest latex wear at the Hello Kitty Exhibition at Seattle’s EMP Museum.

Featured in the museum exhibit was Lady Gaga’s plush Hello Kitty dress, a fiberglass sculpture of a sexy space-suited Hello Kitty wearing couture designed by Colin Christian, all this and more celebrating the famous feline. Produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, created by Yuko Shimizu, Hello Kitty (in Japanese: ハロー・キティ,) was introduced on a purse in Japan in 1975, a year later came to the states and as of 2008 the cute white-faced cat with the red bow claimed half of Sanrio’s one billion dollar profits, with 50,000 various Hello Kitty branded products available in over 60 different countries.


It seems fitting that we would as much develop some latex clothes to celebrate the exhibit, as that there would actually be an exhibit for this important world-wide brand. A designer need not have to just produce high-end couture or even sell to only just adults (Hello Kitty was first marked to kids and teens, but grew beyond that age demographic) to be important.

Hello Kitty is certainly a globally recognized brand and design artistry at its finest…and we were happy to honor her.image2

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