Strutting Our Stuff Across Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015 Video

Screenshot 2015-11-23 16.58.15Though it was decidedly a few months ago now, one can certainly see plenty of fetishistas flashing their finery (and latex clothing) in the Montreal sun in this just released video from Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015.

As we have reported every year we hit MFW, Montreal is a wonder of historic, well-appointed sites, the people curious to what we are all about in our alternate outfits, and the camaraderie emboldens our spirit when so many of our couture contemporaries from across the globe cheer the new collections we present across the runway and chat us up at the many parties that happen during the three days.

The video shows the Dawnamatrix runway experience at the Friday Street Fashion Show which, as we say, could not happen unless you had a community so open to the free expression of art (and often half-clothed bodies,) design and color. Let’s face it, not all cities could host something like this,but Montreal manages it all, time and again, with aplomb.

Here you see tourists, any number of the city’s everyday workday population and the latex wearer alike, taking pictures and generally enraptured as our models strut their stuff.

What’s fun about the fashions that we render and the couture we all share a love for is that one could as much create an elegant wedding gown or a latex harness for the many folks who come to celebrate these kind of styles.RingHarnessMain1-368x552

We revealed butterfly-like wings, a blade-fronted codpiece, textured one pieces and so much more this particular day.

Cities like Montreal truly inspire the designer to bring their ‘A-game’ best to a get together and challenge one to be ever more creative, even daring to what they might present.

As the video shows, Montreal and latex fashion make a sumptuous symbiotic mix.

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