When Accessory Becomes Couture: Bella Hadid @ 74th Cannes Film Festival

One usually needs to don a ‘nude’ dress or even a latex catsuit to garner this kind of attention. But leave it to Bella Hadid to lead the blog-o-news as she did this week when she entered the premiere of “Tre Piani (Three Floors)” at the 74th Cannes Film Festival. The supermodel appeared on the infamous film celebration’s red carpet in a flowing Schiaparelli Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2021/22 crepe gown. The beautiful gown, as much sported long-sleeves but most notably, quite the low-cut neckline. With her neck and chest exposed as it was, Hadid accessorized her look by wearing an intricate “gilded brass necklace in the shape of trompe l’œil lungs adorned with rhinestones” as stated in an Instagram capture of the accessory. The unique brass necklace, rendered as a lung’s pulmonary spiderweb of veins, adorned with rhinestones, completed a stunning eye-arresting look that was designed by Schiaparelli creative director Daniel Roseberry. And although the 24-year-old supermodel was completely covered under the necklace by flesh-colored tape, still she managed to capture most of this week’s news…and at a paparazzi-filled celebrity-rich event like Cannes, that’s saying a lot!

As you will see here, many objects can fall into the category of the modern “fashion accessory.” From wristlets, collars, any number of lingerie pieces to masks, goggles, and certainly necklaces, the extras we dress our outfits with often do indeed ‘make’ a look. And as much as one can match a clutch, gloves, or goggles with their latex couture (and a whole array of shoes), one can also find accessories made of latex.

And that’s just naming our most favorite of materials. What we wear with our gowns, suits, and short little dresses can be made of anything from metals, glass, leather, and so much more.

The Cannes Film Festival ends this Saturday.

Surely there will see ‘much more’ accessorizing.

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