Latex Q&A

The WearLatex site has just published its Latex Guide – It lists two categories of questions, ranging from those with “zero knowledge up to a complete latex geek.”

Summer Latex Colors

For this summer coming and for any other season…latex colors are IN!

Latex Costumes

Comes ‘round this time of year, we not only contemplate cosplay, sexy dress, and lingerie worn as outerwear but certainly how latex fits in (literally and figuratively) into what we might come to wear on the 31st. 

fashion fightS coronavirus

Might a latex accessory help keep one protected from the coronavirus? So far, we have all seen as much disinformation as real science fact thrown far and wide about COVID-19. With panic in the current pandemic fed and fueled in the lightning-fast dissemination of information we have at our fingertips it’s not so easy keeping …


DawNAmatrix Latex in Vanity Fair’s 2020 Hollywood Issue

We are thrilled to report that a Dawnamatrix latex accessory is featured in this year’s Vanity Fair’s 2020 Hollywood Issue. With Hollywood notables like Jennifer Lopez, Antonio Banderas, Eddie Murphy, as well as newcomers, photographer Ethan James Green, set designer Julia Wagner and stylist Samira Nasr created another one-of-a-kind work-of-art issue. Shot last fall at …


Dawnamatrix Presents The Acrylic Amour Collection

Available exclusively on, we’re proud to announce the new Acrylic Amour Collection, modern acrylic and stainless steel designs to perfectly accessorize latex clothing. I happen to be collaborating with AAC designer Snow Winters on an upcoming project for WOW and are featuring her unique jewelry (the first time for Dawnamatrix) in our catalogue.

Vogue Welcomes You To The Jungle…With Dawnamatrix

You know how much we love when considerations of latex styling slip into the haute couture mainstream. All humbleness aside, we love it even more when we are involved with that ‘slipping in.’ In U.S. Vogue’s April 2016 issue, model Grace Hartzel poses in the Mexico jungle of Los Pazos in a ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ spread…wearing Dawnamatrix Wrist Length Gloves.