Vogue Welcomes You To The Jungle…With Dawnamatrix

f9b3aa69fe1ac2677b6433c80a63bfa3You know how much we love when considerations of latex styling slip into the haute couture mainstream. All humbleness aside, we love it even more when we are involved with that ‘slipping in.’ In U.S. Vogue’s April 2016 issue, model Grace Hartzel poses in the Mexico jungle of Los Pazos in a ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ spread…wearing Dawnamatrix Wrist Length Gloves. Vogue April 2016 Cover

The piece, photographed by Mikael Jansson, with hair by Shay Ashual and makeup by Hannah Murray boasts as its backdrop: “A lush, sculpture-strewn garden of Eden in the mountains of central Mexico makes a torrid setting for the season’s most sultry (and sometimes surreal) flowers-by-Frida Kahlo looks.”  There is no denying the lushness of the landscape; the see-thru curtain of water in the air, the vegetation that seems to undulate to Grace’s poses, the stone as well as topiary platforms and the big backdrops.

Gloves, hats, masks; we often see our latex accessories used to complete a fantasy outfit, to add a bit of splash for bedroom fun, often as the inspiration for cosplay aficionados. But mixing and matching our gloves to the gorgeous outfits Grace wears here, in a jungle no less, is inspiring to say the least….as is the fact that something of ours made it into yet another issue of Vogue!Vogue USA - April 2016

As we’ve mentioned many times before, whether it was our Skater Dress appearing as it is did on Katy Perry for that Covergirl “Plumpify” Commercial, or we happen to get some pieces on the Gotham T.V. show, out to Beyoncé’s dancers, or in this case we ship out some gloves, we don’t always know how and even if our wares will show-up in the photo shoot, commercial or live performance. In the case of this ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ spread in Vogue, we just love seeing the exotic locale our gloves got to.



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