Hector Diaz & His Geek Q Website Gives Dawnamatrix ‘Props’ From Seattle Fashion Week

image1As humbly as we dare declare, Dawnamatrix made quite an impact on the men and women at Seattle Fashion Week (and they on us), many of whom told us that they were seeing latex clothing for the first time. It’s always nice to show-off our wardrobe pieces, talk fetish/fantasy designs, but it’s as equally thrilling to open eyes as well as tickle sensibilities to what can be done with the textile art we try so hard to create.

Furthermore our connection to the fashionistas at the SFW is fully illustrated by the great write-up Hector Diaz gave us on his “Geek Q” website. Here is the snippet from Hector’s blog, a blog no fashionista should do without:

Dawnamatrix is the perfect combination of fine art and fashion. This line of luxury latex couture, created by Dawn Mostow, really caught my eye the minute I saw one of her designs walking by at the event, since they’re bold, extravagant, and extremely flattering. Having lived in Japan for a few years, Dawn has been inspired by both the current and ancient culture of this beautiful Asian country, ranging from kimonos with Hello Kitty imprinted on it, to futuristic bodices with leopard prints, to full-on costume and Anime design. As it name suggests, there’s something really powerful about these looks, and the latex material just makes it look expensive and refined. These pieces have grabbed the attention of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, who has worn one of her gowns in her famous wheelchair photoshoot for Interview magazine. With her work, Dawn is bringing the future of fashion to the present and we’re loving this.


Hector is a young fashionista/photographer from Monterrey, Mexico “living the American dream in the US.” He lives in Seattle, works in the tech industry and basically got into writing his blog because he is a big fashion fan (and a stylish guy as you can see in these pics). He considers his blog as much about style as it is fashion, the marriage of the two something we champion all the time. We thank Hector for taking the time to not only get to know us, but being so kind to write such a glowing review. How very wonderful it is to make new friends and to know that what we do caught Hector’s eye and that he feels we are “bringing the future of fashion to the present,” as we so hope we are indeed doing every day.image2

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