Shakira In Plastic

What we don’t seem to consider all that often though, at least not in a fashion sense, is plastic wardrobe pieces.

Barbie Courts Controversey

The new Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie as everybody’s favorite doll, and directed by Great Gerwig, features a scene stirring up a no-show ban in some Asian countries.

Enjoying So Much Latex Down In London Town: The 2022 UK Fetish Awards

After the awards are given, as is true of most events of this kind, there will be plenty of time for attendees to sip a cocktail, mingle and network, and generally enjoy the fact that alternative fashionistas and fans are now getting out and about a little bit more each day.

A Newer, Sexier, Latex-y Barbarella?

w in demand Sydney Sweeney is presently, and seeing that no writer, producer or director is attached to this recently announced remake of Barbarella we won’t probably see the film anytime soon.

Will The Real Cassandra Peterson Please Stand Up

And now, we will see Peterson in The Munsters movie, which is supposed to be released in theatres and on the Peacock streaming network later in the year, looking nothing like what we are used to seeing her.

Katy Perry, Latex, Mushrooms, SNL

Classic, cartoony, self-deprecating stuff from Katy Perry, who we have always known not to take her stage turns and video moments all that seriously. And some serious latex fun moments we applaud her for.

Remembering Tempest Storm

As 2021 speeds by, we are as much considering the big questions, like where COVID-19 is taking us, to small, who is wearing what specific piece of latex couture, and how well they might be wearing it. But we really can’t let another week flitter away without noticing the death of Annie Blanche Banks. Or …


Cardi B is “WAP”ing The World

Super sexy latex bodysuits, fountain statues shooting water from their breasts, and a controversial Kylie Jenner cameo; Cardi B’s “WAP” video seems to be the cultural phenomena that keeps on giving. Earning accolades as the highest streaming debut of 2020, the song going gold in its first week, and giving Cardi B the distinction of …


Little Richard

We all know what a sexy latex top, a loud sound system and colossal video screen can bring to modern music performance. But without attitude, a singer/performer/modern-day diva (man or woman) is sunk. Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and so many others would be lost without their particular joie de vivre, no matter what they are …