Enjoying So Much Latex Down In London Town: The 2022 UK Fetish Awards

As one can clearly see from the picture above, and as any attendee would have to realize, there will be plenty of latex couture on hand come November 9th, down at Proud Embankment in London, at this year’s UK Fetish Awards.

What came to be the very popular UK Glamour Awards ran between 2017-2020. Raising the profile of models who could network at the Glam Awards in ways they usually couldn’t, each year a few models were featured in, and one would win for “Best Fetish Model.” Over time the powers-that-be realized that since there were so many alternate fashions that could be associated with such a catch-all word as “fetish,” as well as a wide variety of models who primarily showcased those fashions, why not present an entire award show dedicated to the alt. fashion scene?

And here we find ourselves in 2022, surviving the pandemic and furthering fashion as well as events championing this scene, led by the likes of organizers like Torture Garden.

With a red carpet phot-op starting at 7 pm on the night, Riri Images and Zara DuRose hosting, what the event is calling “walkabout entertainments,” and touch-ups for make-up, hair, and styling offered all night from one of the event’s sponsor’s “Harness & Maine,” the night rolls up to the giving out of awards. Spanning 15 categories, where fan votes determine the winners, various kinds of models will be recognized as will be designers, photographers, and even events.

After the awards are given, as is true of most events of this kind, there will be plenty of time for attendees to sip a cocktail, mingle and network, and generally enjoy the fact that alternative fashionistas and fans are now getting out and about a little bit more each day.

If you happen to be in London on Wednesday, November 9th, make plans to be at the UK Fetish Awards (go here for tickets).

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