Will The Real Cassandra Peterson Please Stand Up

And now, we will see Peterson in The Munsters movie, which is supposed to be released in theatres and on the Peacock streaming network later in the year, looking nothing like what we are used to seeing her.

Met Gala, 2x

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Regina King will host the gala on May 2nd (the usual day of this fundraiser occurring the first Monday of May) as official co-chairs.

Big $, Classic Comic: Marvel Victorious

Comic creators, and certainly their fans, don’t forget their history. And, as we see from this story, some fans will indeed pay a princely sum for what they love.

The Sweetness of Sweetest Pie

“Sweetest Pie,” is pretty much a stunning all-around accomplishment directed by David Meyers and starring two of our most amazing modern talents.

Unmasked on The Masked Singer

On a show built around the premise that contestants stay ‘masked’ until they lose around and are requested to reveal who they are, this wardrobe malfunction (even if it could technically be called that) is big news.

2022 SAG Award STyles

Other than Venus Williams in white Dolce Gabbana over a silver corset, and Jared Ledo in a Gucci wrinkly silk pale blue suit, the outfit that arguably garnered the most attention (said to have “broken” the net most recently) was Lady Gaga’s white column Armani gown.