The Sweetness of Sweetest Pie

Sugar, latex, fantastic sets, and female empowerment; what more could any of us hope for? Almost every time we comment on a new video, with its hot alternate couture and sexy beats, we think we won’t see another to best it. But with the just dropped “Sweetest Pie” from Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa, we were amazed all over again.

As you see from the pictures here that we’ve captured from the video, the divas manage through a bunch of wardrobes, cavorting in some wild CGI background, taking control of their surroundings and the men who lust and paw after them with their sure attitude, lyric and look.

Megan Thee Stallion Sweetest Pie

The opening shot of the two (the picture captured to front this blog) shows Megan in a plunging black latex gown (with hat) and Dua in a dress with gold-embroidering over black. 

Next, we see Megan in a line green corset, matching knee-high boots with pearl strands all down it. Right after, Dua Lipa appears in her own shorter corset, tights, and a fantastic pair of high heel and toe platform knee-high lace-up black pleather boots.

Dua Lipa Sweetest Pie

Megan makes quite the showing in a bit in both a strapless gold bejeweled bodysuit as well as twerking topless, back to the camera in a green silk skirt. What might not be evident on an initial viewing of “Sweetest Pie” is the room Megan is set in for lots of her action; rerun the video and pay attention to what’s on the walls.

Fantastic sexy wacky stuff indeed!

In addition to the fantasy couture here, the aforementioned CGI sets drip with confections as they sometimes do flames, with the ladies also experiencing some of the CGI magic on their bodies and faces. Dua Lipa cries icing as well as removes a slice of cake from her cheek, and Megan’s tongue splits and flicks like a snake. Then there is their castle that burns to ash, with their suitors in it.

Sweetest Pie

“Sweetest Pie,” is pretty much a stunning all-around accomplishment directed by David Meyers and starring two of our most amazing modern talents. 

Sweetest Pie

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