Latex Q&A

The WearLatex site has just published its Latex Guide – It lists two categories of questions, ranging from those with “zero knowledge up to a complete latex geek.”

Where OUR LATEX Kimono Began

As we mentioned a few blogs back, the Dawnamatrix Team is presently in Japan, soaking up the culture for life inspiration as much as for our latex couture. In addition to sightseeing and meeting up with friends, we will also be attending the Tokyo International Gift Show (TIGS), where I am actually going to be …


Part 4: The New Year (and DEcade) @ Dawnamatrix

In the last few blogs we gave forth, on what passed by us in 2019 and during the past decade, in latex design and fashion culture, in general. It’s certainly a matter of personal conjecture what will hit, what will die, what will circle round again, and what might be coming for the future in …


Ruby Rose Lives The Fantasy Fashionista’s Edict

One can wear a hood or a sumptuous latex kimono and still feel the need to change-up, get into another piece of fetish wardrobe, accessorize. Akin to not being able to eat just one potato chip or considering that second tattoo, the thing with starting, adding to or bolstering a fantasy wardrobe is that one tends to want to add to that wardrobe again and again. A celeb of Ruby Rose’s stature or a Miley Cyrus (the reigning queen of award show change-ups) has the facility to keep changing during any one show or performance.

Elizabeth Hurley’s Got Your Number…and that number is 50!

“The Royals” Queen Helena, Elizabeth Hurley has struck a blow, even if she isn’t trying, against ageism simply by being who she is and showing off a little. Let prejudices fall where they may, you can as much rock a latex kimono at age 50 (or beyond) as you can something from Elizabeth Hurley’s couture.