Elizabeth Hurley’s Got Your Number…and that number is 50!

elizabeth-hurley-story_647_102715014416Expounding on model’s body sizes, as much as we do cinema costumes and latex clothing, one also can’t ignore the concept of ‘ageism’ in the world of fashion. Coming from either the style of clothes a designer might create to actual older men and women modeling cosmetic or couture, we see the very best-and worst-when it comes to considering someone’s worthiness in regard to their age. But in the case of Elizabeth Hurley, we need consider the designs she is making…as we do her age in showing them.

In a recent round of Instagram beach photo’s Hurley used her own 50 year old figure to show off one of the bikinis from her Elizabeth Hurley Beach swimsuit collection. Yes, plenty of celebrities endorse and/or create full wardrobe collections, and plenty more model for their lines, but in the case of Hurley she is as much modeling her own wares as she is showing what, for some, 50 looks like.

Decidedly, it is harder for women to age in the public eye then it is for men. The classic quandary of acting parts drying-up for women over 40 is not a cliché and while men can “go grey” and remain distinguished, gain a few pounds, women have a hard time if they show any signs of aging. Certainly the Hurley pics speak to a woman at the mid-century mark who is in spectacular shape-for any age-but the very fact that after she posted these pics the comments were more about her body at age 50 then simply the great shape she is in, speaks still to ageism inherent in how we view women in our age.

“The Royals” Queen Helena, Elizabeth Hurley has struck a blow, even if she isn’t trying, against ageism simply by being who she is and showing off a little. Let prejudices fall where they may, you can as much rock a latex kimono at age 50 (or beyond) as you can something from Elizabeth Hurley’s couture.

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