The Look Of The World Of Wearable Art

The shine, the pucker, the crinkle, the cut, and even some sure reflection. Really, what could be better than the visual component latex?

The Consequences Of Releasing Your Corset

rable in a way trad. corsets simply can’t be (not that there is anything wrong with a corset made from satin, leather, silk brocade, or any other material); the way in which a latex corset hugs the body makes it unique.

Regencycore And Praising The Latex Corset

Indeed, the costumers, actors, and those cosplayers playing with Regencycore are not likely to pick a latex corset if they are looking for a true historical read on their sartorial choices.

Minnie Mouse & Stella McCartney

For Minnie’s McCartney pantsuit, the designer has designed a blue tuxedo, made from what she assures us are “responsibly sourced fabrics.”

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson Come Clean?

Although interesting, Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson didn’t really get to the why’s and who’s of the malfunction and if the costume tearing was an accident or staged.

Heidi Klum’s Good Humor

Considering all the serious stuff we are currently living through and the fact that Heidi Klum has a bottom that most people don’t mind seeing in any stage of dress (or undress) the fact that she’s taken to this flashing with such aplomb made the moment endearing.

The Very ‘FashionAble’ Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With our attention on latex fashions and alternative wardrobe styles, we’re often reporting on stories about movies, celebrities, and music. Seemingly every day, there comes an Instagram picture of a Kardashian rocking some cool new outfit or a ‘dropped’ video featuring some luscious fetish look. And even though the latest spate of superhero movies might …


London Reveals What’s Under It All

The UK’s Victoria and Albert Museum seems to think lingerie is important just as we do. They are devoting their new Undressed: A Brief History Of Underwear exhibit to a semi-chronological, heavily-themed display of unmentionables for the next year. In sections titled “Health and Hygiene” “Performance Underwear; and Support: Bras and Girdles” and many others, this very famous London museum’s attendees get to enjoy a multi-floor exploration of undergarment fashions and body image concerns of the past (and really, nothing reveals how we feel about our bodies then what we make to wear so very close to them). Dress designers and ‘reformers’ are highlighted as well as the inventors and innovators who played a role in the furthering of designs that increased our comfort and the durability of our undergarments through the decades.