The Look Of The World Of Wearable Art

There is no denying how fantastic it feels when we wear any kind of latex couture. How a pair of pants or a latex top clutches our curves, bulges, and skin like no other textile. Indeed, getting more ‘intimate’ a latex corset will keep you tucked in tight and feature your figure in a way nothing much else ever could. And yes, a high-cut pair of latex panties, men’s briefs or a bra will certainly make you feel a special way.

But how about how latex looks? The shine, the pucker, the crinkle, the cut, and even some sure reflection. Really, what could be better than the visual component latex?

Dawn and Ben at WOW

Well, we have been treated to quite a ‘look’ of latex and so many other fantastic wardrobe pieces from the just released WOW Awards Show Full Highlights Reel (see here). And from pictures from the event…embedded in this blog.

As we have tried to impress upon you now for many years, the World of WearableArt Show is genuinely like no other. It’s a big arena-sized event with spectacular staging, world-class music, choreography, and, as you will see on the video, wow-ing aerialists. Even as one of the designers who had a piece in the show, our “Royal Emissary” and won yet again this year (above and below you can see Ben and me descending though the audience to grab our award and us on stage), the action on stage is equal to the couture.

Dawn and Ben on stage at WOW

Surely, the sway, fall, and overall ‘look’ of the wardrobe pieces revealed in each staged vignette is executed perfectly by the top-notch performers and models who descend on the WOW stage or even pop up from the audience as you will see from the video. The performance comes off in a way that is surely lifetimes away from even the most alternative fashion show.

And one you’d be struck saying “WOW!” when you see it live.

And this is why we wanted to share the video with you.

Hopefully, as we make our way out from under COVID, there will be more opportunities for live extravaganzas in big arenas where lights, sounds, staging, and costumes come together to amaze us all.

Dawnamatrix, “Royal Emissary” at WOW 2022

WOW certainly amazed us. We hope you find it amazing as well.

Picture credits: The World Of Wearable Art

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