Kourtney Kardashian Spreads The Good News About Latex Corsets

When one of the Kardashian ladies wears any kind of latex couture, it’s a fashion choice heard around the world. This week, Kourtney Kardashian posted a selfie of herself lying back with a book in her hands while dressed in a latex corset and black leather front lace-up pants. Supposedly, this season has been ripe with the wardrobe marriage of corseted silhouettes and bustier designs (see the report here as well as Kourtney’s selfie), with Kourtney K only one of the few lady celebrities and media stars to sport the look.

But beyond pondering a new fashion trend, one can’t help but wonder over the full range of possibilities when it comes to wearing a latex corset.

The freedom of movement and high sexy style of a latex corset is undeniable. And while a debate has raged for years over the harmful effects of corset wear (decidedly modern-day corsets are not designed to change one’s body but to simply enhance it), there really is no worry of even the slightest discomfort in wearing a latex corset. The wearer doesn’t even have to engage in the time-honored practice of seasoning a latex corset.

Dawnamatrix Galaxy Corset

It truly is a ‘wear and go’ item.

As all latex does, a late corset adapts to one’s curves, and retains a sleek shine no matter the color. And latex is as durable and body-supportive as cotton, mesh, leather, or satin; the other materials corsets are generally made from. A latex corset is also built with the same type of boning as a traditional corset, giving one the very best feeling of an oh-so-pleasant tightness while adding the ‘posture righting’ one expects when wearing a corset.

And lastly, whether worn under clothes or outside of them, latex corsets look great on any gender and body type.

Although she does indeed look splendid wearing one, rest assured not only a Kourtney Kardashian looks good when wearing a latex corset.

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