the World of WearableArt: Vegas Exec. Director & Global Expansion for 2021

Once again, the World of WearableArt shows off one of our latex couture pieces in an article…and we are as thrilled to see our outfit mentioned as for what WOW plans for 2021.

This latest news report on the World of WearableArt states that the oh-so-unique fashion event is as much “back with a vengeance for 2021,” as well as “planning to blow audiences’ minds.” Although WOW has pretty much always blown people’s minds. This year, WOW plans to take their re-designed stage and outsourced audiovisual elements international, with top Las Vegas show-maker Brian Burke exploiting his three-year executive creative director contract with the show. Burke, who led the creative charge behind productions like Celine Dion’s A New Day residency, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor, and American Idol, certainly is an addition to the WOW team that can bring the show all it needs, wants and can wish for.

With COVID-19 canceling the 2020 WOW, World of WearableArt chief executive David Tingey says the company was looking to refresh things when coming out of the shutdown this year.

“While Covid created some challenges for us, it also gave us a chance to reset and to start hatching plans about how we can continue to produce extraordinary content,” he said, adding the second part of the organization’s wish for the future: “Growing internationally is a natural thing for WOW to do.”

Some of Burke’s contributions include setting a new Belgium AV team in place. This team is well-versed in using virtual reality to recreate a stage space and will deliver their final product remotely. And thinking more immersive and theatrical, a “more Las Vegas-scale” Burke says, this year’s WOW boasts an entirely new stage design; gone is the usual ‘five-finger layout’ in favor of a more geometric, modern, and “grand” design. 

“State-of-the-art, cutting-edge. That’s what that should be. [We want to] grow it into the city and bring different experiences to people, then take it out into the world.” WOW’s new executive creative director promises that WOW is considering having the show play in outdoor areas and considering national tours.

There’s so much happening here, and we are so thrilled to be considered for another year of WOW. 

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