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GoT 8 trailer

Teasing Game of Thrones Season 8

In the teaser, titled “Dragonstone” (see here) rising music accompanies a milky-white smoke that quickly turns all it covers to ice. The ice, creeping across a wooden surface that fans of the show will recognize as the carved wooden map of Westeros, meets flames spreading across the map’s surface coming from the other direction. The […]

Loot Train Attack 1-cropped

Game’s Game Changer: Loot Train Battle

The Loot Train Battle” from Game of Thrones the other night seems to be a game changer as far as H.B.O., cable, and all of fantasy fandom is concerned. If you caught the sequence, it was hard not to be stirred by Emilia riding Drogon over the Los Barruecos location, no matter whose side you […]


The shiny latex chicken or textured latex egg…which comes first, and who cares?

With the rise in popularity of cable series like Game Of Thrones, the consistent startling and tireless work of cosplayers who just love to be in the spotlight, and fashionistas as much asking for, as responding to uniquely rendered latex couture, it’s a heady thing sometimes considering: is it the latex clad chicken or the […]


Anne Rice Sets Us All Straight With “Beauty’s Kingdom”

A loose ‘retelling’ of the Sleeping Beauty story (very loose) it seems this time out servitude in Queen Eleanor’s kingdom (now with the queen dead) becomes voluntary under Beauty and Laurent’s reign. Fans of pony-play scenes will no doubt rejoice (or just those of us who like to wear a snap collar a time or […]


To Wear And Not To Wear: Game of Thrones Films Infamous Scene

There’s lots going on with this shaming of Cersei, it’s a very powerful moment from the George R.R. Martin book series. As has already been evidenced and applauded by fans of GOT, the scene will probably play out rather faithful to the book as the H.B.O. series so far has been very accurate to Martin’s […]