Anne Rice Sets Us All Straight With “Beauty’s Kingdom”

Landing_Books_Left_Latest-BeautyKingdomWell back in the day, pre-eBook, The Twilight Series, the net even (all factors that led to “Fifty Shades Of Grey”’s success) there was Anne Rice’s Beauty Trilogy. An original trilogy of books, “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty,” “Beauty’s Punishment” and “Beauty’s Release” (published in 1983, ‘84 and ‘85 respectively) under Rice’s pseudonym A.N. Roquelaure, now sees a fourth book added to the story “Beauty’s Kingdom.” The story follows main character Beauty once again interacting in a fairy-tale setting of castles and costuming, in fem-dom and male-dom scenes galore.

And you thought Game of Thrones was hot.

A slight ‘retelling’ of the Sleeping Beauty story (very slight) it seems this time out servitude in Queen Eleanor’s kingdom (now with the Queen dead) becomes voluntary under Beauty and Laurent’s reign. Fans of pony-play scenes will no doubt rejoice (or just those of us who like to wear a snap collar a time or two, or a ring harness. And speaking of costume naughtiness, who doesn’t like to wiggle into a classic piece like our and have a historical romp?)

But we digress…


Though the danger of the first three books, the forcefulness of the encounters, might be slightly undercut by the involuntary nature of things this time around, there are still sure to be plenty of moments of high erotica as Rice as Roquelaure uses her considerable skills (being the infamous bestselling author of “The Vampire Lestat” “The Witching Hour” and too many other highly-charged novels to name) to bring this new story to life.

A feast for fans of fantasy play, dress-up, power exchange in wild settings, “Beauty’s Kingdom” is sure to be a knock-out once again for Rice.

Rice’s trilogy has actually been listed in the American Library Associations “100 most frequently challenged books” with the Columbus Metropolitan Library actually going one further and not only declaring the original three books “hardcore pornography” but removing all print and audiocassette copies from their shelves.

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