Dawnamatrix in the May 2015 issue of Vogue Ukraine

Georgia-May-Jagger-Vogue-Ukraine-May-2015-620x804Being in business these days once can certainly enjoy, or at least explore, a reach beyond just one’s neighborhood. The net makes it possible to ‘go global’ and we certainly try do just that at Dawnamatrix. As you see from our blogs and the news we tweet and post on Facebook we have been present far afield of our U.S. home-base attending fashion shows (some where our collections have managed rousing runway appearances) we have sent items clear across the world to be featured in any number of shoots and with our Japanese connection (having actually lived and worked in Japan for a while) we have infused what we do with quite a varied influence; our latex kimono design is one of the many aspects of our work we take lots of pride in.

Our latest credit comes from this decided global exploration, via Vogue Ukraine. In the famous couture magazine’s May issue we have contributed Premium Thigh Highs, Lace Shrug, and Underwire Bra. This new shoot in Vogue features model Mirte Maas wearing our wares in photos shot by Jack Waterlot, with the stylist on the shoot Amy Mach. We previously worked with Amy Mach and Jack Waterlot on photo editorials for L’Officiel Magazine (including the project with Sharon Stone, see here) and we can’t express enough how thrilled we are to join their team once again, once again for another international high-end publication.

As you can see here the results are simply stunning.672ef10cab3d6dde8f07204511fbf418_large

When you work with talented people like Amy, Jack and Mirte and a Vogue staff it just “ups you game” all that much more. And to continue to stretch Dawnamarix across the world, meeting friends, customers and fellow colleagues the way we can all do so these days, makes one feel connected in such a clear empowering way.

It makes one wonder what it was like way back in the day, pre-net, when a person had a penchant for latex, a little cosplay dress-up (though it wasn’t called cosplay back then) how hard it must have been to find others with like interests….let alone make wardrobe pieces that were-and still are-not so mainstream.



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