Jean Bardot Interviews Team Dawnamatrix @ Montreal Fetish Weekend


Ah, our latex brethren (and sister-ern), how we love them one and all. Even though we have enjoyed some great inroads to our business of late and each day find a new fan, friend, co-worker or client from someplace else around the world, we latex fashion aficionados are a small group in the grand scheme of things. We live to champion one another’s work and lives, always seem to have the greatest time when we do get together and are forever working and playing for a greater understanding of what we are all into. Those good vibes were definitely fueling the past Montreal Fetish Weekend (as they have always) when we were interviewed by Jean Bardot.

At the past MFW we debuted our Space & Time collection, and finding ourselves in town pre that showing we were thrilled to be interviewed on the famous Rue Ste.-Catherine by the wonderful alternate model/performer/personality Jean Bardot. As you will see on this video beautiful models walked by showing various Dawnamatrix pieces while Jean and Team Dawnamatrix had a good old jaw. There is Holy Scar wearing the Damask Vest, Nea Dune wearing the Long Sleeved Galaxy Dress Ian wearing the Angel Tank and Shea strutting like royalty in our Queen of Hearts gown. LongSleevedGalaxyDress-368x552

Jean also took the time to interview each model (see here).

Being a well-known personality in our scene, a lady of so many talents and someone who has championed latex as well as all type of alternative pursuits in her life, we couldn’t have been happier to be met by Jean mere moments after we arrived for this sit down. This all set the tone for what was a very wonderful weekend for Dawnamatrix, a resounding acceptance of our new line and that usual warm welcome the unique Canadian city always has for MFW.

Yes it may have all happened near a year ago, but it feels just like yesterday to us when we see videos like these and remember the warm good times.



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