Dawnamatrix in Dark Parlour Magazine

DP20Cover(1)The words “alternative” “fetish” “fantasy” can conjure a whole host of mental pictures in one’s mind (if one is of a mind.) We have always likened those terms to a one-man’s-meat-is-another-woman’s-latex- catsuit way of looking at the world, providing the latex wardrobe possibilities we do. Here at Dawnaamatrix we like to think we dress men and women for their alternate outings, as much as maybe a fantasy moment between a couple, or even a fetish latex event. God knows we have seen our wardrobe pieces worn for any number of occasions, by a wide variety of people, enjoying the full brush of their lifestyle to folks just playing for a night. Surrounding ourselves such imaginative souls-friends, clients, co-workers-approaching the world from a slightly off-to-the-center viewpoint as they do (a viewpoint we certainly see the world from) you can imagine then that Dawnamatrix would feel quite the close connection indeed to Dark Parlour, Canada’s “alternative culture magazine.”

We have the privilege to see model Lorraine Cousins modeling our butterfly bodysuit in photo shoot with photographer Mia Stacy, published in the just released Spring Dark Parlour. Lorraine Cousins was also shot for the magazine wearing some of our bridal latex. Seeing such a stunning young woman posed in this variety of our couture, featured in such a luscious magazine, shot by a seminal talent like Mia Stacy makes all our work so worthwhile.

Launched in October of 2011, Dark Parlour Magazine features a dizzying display of alternative couture models and clothing, photographers, writers, musicians, designers-truly artists of all kinds-between its pages. The colorful magazine boasts a global reach, with a focus on the Canadian alternative scene especially. In this age of the “print is dead” battle cry it is heartening indeed to find a magazine like Dark Parlour alive and well and publishing such provocative-and “alternative” “fetish” “fantasy”-stuff.DSC_4904 color

We are proud to be aboard. Check them out here:



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