Dawnamatrix Talks To Rain Dove

Licari--6Modeling as both male and female, acting, writing, forever championing a forward discussion and action as someone defining-and battling-social dysmorphia, Rain Dove is one striking woman (in both her physicality as well as her thoughts and actions). You might not currently find a public figure making such a fine diamond hard point into the current consciousness…but we did, as Rain Dove took the time out from her busy schedule to talk to Dawnamatrix.

Though certainly she has made quite the inroads modeling for high fashion couture and street wear Rain has also had quite a lot of experience in modeling fetish/fantasy clothing.

“It’s a fine line really,” she says when asked about the balance between fashion and fetish. “In fashion sex sells. Selling fashion for the most promises a better sexual future, the promise better sexual fantasy, I guess. In many an instance it is showing a product more through a lifestyle.”
Something very dear indeed to us all who love our latex wear and how it makes us feel.

Though Rain claims her growing-up was very conservative she related a great story about being introduced to her first fetish/fantasy experience when working as a caterer asked to cater a “Swinger’s Party.” Rain went dressed in a fedora, suspenders, ready to serve all manner of fancy drinks to people she thought were coming to dance and hang-out for a night of ‘swing music.’

People weren’t exactly dancing, she quickly found out!


But with Rain’s good humor she took to the circumstance, as she does many others (she actually worked as a firefighter for a time) and these experiences and her unique modeling as both genders has brought her a very specific perspective on social dysmorphia, a modern-day malady she fights hardest against.

“People get stuck in a macro climate of not feeling loved now-we are very much a ‘now generation’-because of the way they look, and lots of times a look that’s not generally accepted by how things have been going these past fifteen years or so, the perfect photo-shop image we have been fed.”

As Rain assures body image paradigms set by society are a “huge problem but don’t cost anything to fix, as much as it just takes a different mindset” and for the kids following what she is doing Rain Dove strives to “promote products that promote a healthy sex positive lifestyle.”

Yet again, another area Dawnamatrix and the wonderfully talented Rain Dove agree.

We thank the amazing Rain Dove for her time. Meet her here: https://www.facebook.com/raindovemodel.10469455_1568235313405262_1162185876380185124_n




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