Top Alternative Fashion Moments of 2021

We could undoubtedly traipse back across the past decade and highlight some mainstream latex couture moments, expound on the more interesting alternative wardrobe scenes, opine on celebrity sightings of singular sartorial styling that ‘broke the net.’ But considering the hellacious year we all just lived through, seeing runaway shows going digital and masks become a …


Torture GarDen vs. COVID-19

As it has with almost every business on the planet, COVID-19 certainly cut into fetish events, latex fashion shows, and pretty much the see-and-be-seen scene. But one of the biggest producers of those kinds of events in London, the well-known house of alternative wardrobes and naughty fun, Torture Garden, returns with their “Pearl Necklace Supper Club Night.”

The Very ‘FashionAble’ Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With our attention on latex fashions and alternative wardrobe styles, we’re often reporting on stories about movies, celebrities, and music. Seemingly every day, there comes an Instagram picture of a Kardashian rocking some cool new outfit or a ‘dropped’ video featuring some luscious fetish look. And even though the latest spate of superhero movies might …


Britney Spears Doing It Solo In Self-Quarantined

Would any of us be surprised to find some latex, lace, or maybe even a short pleaded skirt in Britney Spears’ closest? Well, this week, we all had a chance to have a look-see what’s hiding in Spears’ back stash when she held a solo, at home, undoubtedly small-scale fashion show on Instagram showing-off some …


World Of Wearable Art U.S. Embassy Video

Winning with your latest latex couture creation reaps multiple benefits when that win happens to come at WOW. As we have seen now for the past three years in a row, having competed in the World Of Wearable Art event and come away with awards each time, the New Zealand mainstay global fashion meet maintains a strong …


Outdone By Khadija Uzhakhovs

Khadija Uzhakhovs married Said Gutseriev-he heir to a Russian oil fortune-Saturday just past. Instagram pictures from what has been called the “the most expensive wedding ever” (priced at a reported $1 billion) reveal performances from Jennifer Lopez and Sting (to name but a few) and created a viral buzz. But it was Khadija’s custom Elie Saab gown that really got people talking, and not just fashionista’s tongues a’wagging.

Jenny Beavan Leather’s-Up The Oscars

Yes, once again we saw no latex bodysuits or accessories walking the red carpet, but there was one true alternative wardrobe moment at this year’s Oscars. Worn by none other than 2016 Academy Award winner for Best Costume Design, Jenny Beavan-winning for her work “Mad Max: Fury Road”-Beavan paid homage to her film by wearing a leather jacket sporting the film’s skull logo on its back. Claiming to press backstage at the broadcast that she absolutely” does not wear heels and “I look ridiculous in a beautiful gown.” Beavan certainly represented the rebel in us all, if only ultimtaley for her comfort, and didn’t look anything like the “bag lady,” Stephen Fry claimed she did.

KIKI Is Coming To Vogue For You

Very much how the infamous documentary Paris Is Burning did a quarter of a century ago, the KIKI story takes off now twenty five years later, revealing a group of young adults trying their best to develop a ‘safe space’ at their fashion and dance balls. The men who appeared in “Paris” were self-proclaimed drag queens, showing as much of their homemade frocks as they did their ability to vogue in ways Madonna could never have imaged (in fact Voguing house dancing began in the 80’s Harlem ballroom scene well before Madonna appropriated it for her 1990 hit and “Paris” featured it with such aplomb the same year); KIKI as much shows the evolution of voguing as it does delve deep into LGBT gender identity in the modern age.