Looking At Alternative Fashions 2023-Part 2

Were there more moments of latex finery in 2023…you bet. And there will be more to come in 2024, we are sure. Stay tuned and happy New Year (a week early) to you all.

Vogue Weighs In On The Popularity Of Latex In 2023

Yes, it is latex ‘here to stay.’ Yes, it is a favorite material of our better-known. Yes, it is the damn sexiest material you can wiggle your curves into. And yes, it comes in many colors, styles, and wardrobe items.

Latex Couture Out And About This Week

We can always count on our most famous showing off our favorite textile at well-attended premiers and award shows and to keep culturally challenging fashions alive.

Tod Browning

A surely ‘unfashionable’ talent as much as he sometimes was popular, Tod Browning was surely a looming talent in fantastic field.

fashion fightS coronavirus

Might a latex accessory help keep one protected from the coronavirus? So far, we have all seen as much disinformation as real science fact thrown far and wide about COVID-19. With panic in the current pandemic fed and fueled in the lightning-fast dissemination of information we have at our fingertips it’s not so easy keeping …


Latex Couture 2019, Part 1

In her fashion review of Paris haute couture spring lines, reported at the end of January, Venessa Friedman offered this question as her article’s title: Latex at Givenchy and Chaos at Margiela. Is This the New Oscar Dressing? Both houses revealed models walking the famous runway in various latex outfits and accessories. And so, it comes to that …