Latex Couture 2019, Part 1

In her fashion review of Paris haute couture spring lines, reported at the end of January, Venessa Friedman offered this question as her article’s title: Latex at Givenchy and Chaos at Margiela. Is This the New Oscar Dressing? Both houses revealed models walking the famous runway in various latex outfits and accessories. And so, it comes to that season (and end of 2019) where we look back on the year past and what impact our most favorite textile had on fashion and culture. In no particular order (and certainly not left to only this one blog), we are going to do our best to look over what’s passed. In our blogs coming in a week or so, we will try to tackle the question of latex couture influence from the decade as it closes out.

But for now… 

Let’s start even further from Dawnamatrix’s home than Paris. In Vietnam, there seemed to be a rash of celebrity latex sightings this past year. Popstar My Tam made news performing in a body-hugging red latex dress over the summer. Fashion model Ngoc Trinh wore a shiny black latex two-strap dress, that exploded over Twitter. And with a nod of things to come, Singer Ho Ngoc Ha was seen sporting a pink, laser-cut latex dress.

Back in the U.S., as we reported on almost a year ago, at the Grammy’s Janelle Monáe’s performed in a black shiny latex bodysuit, her dancers behind in wearing vanilla-colored long-sleeved latex bodysuits, all made by Nange Magro. And we all might recall what might have been the highest haute couture latex moment this past year when Kim Kardashian brought Thierry Mugler out of retirement to her a dripping nude latex one piece of curve-hugging impossibility for 2019’s Met Gala.

As we say, there will be more moments coming, as much from the year past as what the past ten years brought us…and our particular view from what Dawnamtarix has managed and sees of our future in all of this designing. Let this blog ring as a salvo across the bow to more wonderful latex couture ruminating. We are sure you have a few moments that you hold dear from 2019, as well as from the decade past; drop us a line to let us know what’s on your mind from the fabulous world of alt. fashion past.

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