COBRAH Loves Latex

Just announcing some Australian live dates for 2024 and still touring through 2023, and again, her new EP about to be dropped; we will no doubt be hearing and seeing more of COBRAH…and in lots of latex, hopefully.

Blackpink: Style and Sound

We can all catch Blackpink in what will surely prove to be some stunning stage costumes at the MTV awards on August 28th.

Stardust Trailer Drops

The thing about David Bowie we must all remember is what a trend ‘pusher’ he was. Flirting with andrology as much in what he wore as in how he conducted himself, he was quite the controversial character.

Doom Patrol Season 2…and Dawnamatrix

Cosplay, latex accessories, and a sure sense of the fantastic, all this and more; fans of comics, science fiction, and the all-out bizarre have been treated to quite the array of fantastic haute couture in the last decade. One of our newer favorites of the genre, is DC’s Doom Patrol and a trailer for the series’ …


Lady Gaga & Ariana grande Make it rain

Have you seen the latex costuming in Lady Gaga’s duet with Ariana Grande, on the video clip for Rain On Me,? Better yet, have you seen the two divas leading a ‘live’ weather report, called “Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Are The Chromatica Weather Girls”?  Here’s the first: Here’s the second: The bespoke …


Angelina Jolie, Dressed Or Not

It’s not just who wears what latex outfit or semi-alternative fashion we are interested in (or come to blog about). Sometimes, it’s a question of what somebody might not be wearing or nothing much at all, that might catch our attention and respect. Fetish couture, sexy onstage costumes, and even the occasional tasteful nude interests us all, …