And Once Again, Xtina Steps Up in Latex Plus

sed this week to her performance at the Starlite Festival in Spain, Christina Aguilera once again brought her unique style and quite a bit of fire to her couture, wearing both latex and lace.

Latex & Museums: So Happy Together

And the more popular and ubiquitous our favorite textile becomes, the more opportunities are presented to us from various media.

2022 Comic-Con International, Returns!

Beyond the hang, the daily alternative fashion shows that more or less occur on the convention’s main floor, and the massive dealer room filled to the brim with memorabilia, Funko’s, and new gaming offerings, there are plenty of events/panels and studio previews with celebrity panels planned.

Art Meso: LA GENÈSE NEW YORK This Weekend

t the show, but if you can get around to coming through and see the designs at the space at 1155 Avenue of Americas in NYC’s Times Square, we know you’ll just love this unique fashion exhibition.

Tod Browning

A surely ‘unfashionable’ talent as much as he sometimes was popular, Tod Browning was surely a looming talent in fantastic field.

Kazuki Takahshi RIP

But a creator like Kazuki Takahashi was adored by his fans and created a culture with his work very few artists ever get to enjoy.

The Return of Alternate Fashion Partying?

We can only hope what happened in Germany and here in the UK are only the beginning of a consistent renewed trend of fashion shows and parties celebrating all these textiles we love so much.