From Bowie To Reznor, Fashion Always Rocks

Celebrating David Bowie for what would have been his 74th birthday, Trent Reznor, of NIN fame (a rabid Bowie fan), participated with a bunch of other notables in the “A David Bowie Celebration: Just For One Day!” A clip from that show of Reznor, Atticus Ross, the Bowie alumni band (Mike Garson, Carlos Alomar, Gery Leonard, Mark Plati, Sterling Campbell and Catherine Russell) and Reznor’s wife Maandig Reznor recreating Bowie’s song “Fashion,” was ‘dropped’ at the beginning of this week.

Inauguration 2021 Couture

PVC, leather, latex, and alternate fashions will probably have no place in today’s inauguration, but haute couture does…as it always has

Hailey Baldwin and Amber Astley Are In On Our Secret

While clothes might very well ‘make the man,’ certainly we’d all agree that the right accessory perfectly ‘dresses up’ a latex wardrobe. Hailey Baldwin indeed assured us all of this fact this week.

Welcome #PortfolioDay

#PortfolioDay was set-up to celebrate artists in a truly unique way, and it has come round once again, happening this second Tuesday of the New Year. Way back at the end of summer 2018, Audrey Gonzalez, who began this particular online celebration, agreed to move her Portfolio Day to every 2nd Tuesday of every three months, starting October of that year. Today January 12th, 2021, is the very first Portfolio Day of this year

Predicting Fashions (Alternative and Haute Couture) of 2021

Yes, we are all as much wondering when we might get back to wearing our best leather dress or straight-leg latex trousers for a sultry night on the town as what lasting fashion results might come from the COVID-19 shutdown. In some ways, 2021 might prove more challenging than 2020 when we can get out …


Top Alternative Fashion Moments of 2021

We could undoubtedly traipse back across the past decade and highlight some mainstream latex couture moments, expound on the more interesting alternative wardrobe scenes, opine on celebrity sightings of singular sartorial styling that ‘broke the net.’ But considering the hellacious year we all just lived through, seeing runaway shows going digital and masks become a …