Predicting Fashions (Alternative and Haute Couture) of 2021

Yes, we are all as much wondering when we might get back to wearing our best leather dress or straight-leg latex trousers for a sultry night on the town as what lasting fashion results might come from the COVID-19 shutdown. In some ways, 2021 might prove more challenging than 2020 when we can get out from under via vaccines and try to find our footing. Just what might fashion look like, as much in the mainstream as for us of the more alternative minded?

Haute couture designer Brandon Maxwell told Bustle, “This year has definitely been challenging, but in some ways it has also been cleansing and clarifying. The distance from my normal creative process has brought me back to my very first days of design. The time away from my studio gave me no other choice than to go back to basics and make things on a smaller scale with a more intimate group.”

One might recall Maxwell’s Spring 2021 film ending with Lady Gaga singing “Free Woman.” Beyond the bold knits, bungee drawstrings, and bold neon’s, who knows what else Maxwell will set upon the world?

Brandon Maxwell: Spring 2021

We haven’t seen much about fetish fashion parties or considerations for alt. gatherings coming in the immediate future, beyond The World Of Wearable Art opening their museum exhibition and asking us all to submit designs for this year’s competition. Certainly, we have experienced the shutdown infiltrating our business in its way, but compared to other industries, we are damn lucky to have landed where we have. Indeed, as we all emerge (safely) from the shutdown, we are sure to see clients once again ordering bespoke latex items. And as television and movie productions hurtle the start-and-stop process of getting up to speed, we hope to be involved as we have been on “Doom Patrol” and other projects.

For now, let’s gather our luscious latex Drape Trench around ourselves, step forward with a sexy calves-hugging high-heeled black boot and welcome the fashions of 2021.  

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