Winning AT WOW, 2023

Humans have changed tremendously in just a thousand years. What will we be in another thousand years? Will we become just another folk tale?

Runway Plus Down Under

Agent Chelsea Bonner of Bella Management “down under” organized a runway show dedicated exclusively to plus-size designers.

the World of WearableArt: Vegas Exec. Director & Global Expansion for 2021

“While Covid created some challenges for us, it also gave us a chance to reset and to start hatching plans about how we can continue to produce extraordinary content,” he said, adding the second part of the organization’s wish for the future: “Growing internationally is a natural thing for WOW to do.”

WOW-ed a 3rd Time?

This last idea, how alternative fashion can impact the global sphere, is very much at the heart of the World of WearableArt competition we have been involved with and have won at in the past two years. This year marks our third entry into the competition, and just this week we learned that we passed the pre-selection round and our entry, in the avant-garde category, is on its way to New Zealand for the next round of judging

Dawnamatrix WOW’s in MiNDFOOD Magazine

Here at Dawnamatrix, we’d pretty much do anything for the amazingly supportive and creative cadre of WOW folks. Placement in MiNDFOOD is just another of the amazing benefits we have seen in our relationship with WOW.

The U.S. At The World of WearableArt

Winning awards, for the second year in a row, for our latex couture on the global WOW stage is an honor we are having a hard time getting our heads around. Sure we are cool and hip alt. wardrobe designers but winning WOW we are blown away! But as we mentioned in our last blog, to be among fourteen other U.S. designers that made the finalists at this year at World of WearableArt Awards Show, invests us of an honor all its own.

Dawnamatrix Plays With The Hobbits

If you don’t know, Peter Jackson filled “The Lord Of The Rings,” and his Hobbit films, on a ‘living’ set built into a family farm in Waikato, New Zealand. In fact, Jackson’s WETA workshop was one of the sponsors of WOW and awards their own prize at the show.

Dawnamatrix Wins At WOW

We won the Technology Award for our Labyrinth Gown, an award that “recognizes a designer that explores and applies the most original and innovative technology to the construction and/or function of their wearable art garment.” And we also placed 3rd in the Red Category for our outfit The Messenger.