The U.S. At The World of WearableArt

Winning awards, for the second year in a row, for our latex couture on the global WOW stage is an honor we are having a hard time getting our heads around. Sure we are cool and hip alt. wardrobe designers but winning WOW we are blown away! But as we mentioned in our last blog, to be among fourteen other U.S. designers that made the finalists at this year at World of WearableArt Awards Show, invests us of an honor all its own.

Those finalists included: Susan Avila from Emeryville, California; Kelly Belt of Groton Connecticut, Lynn Christiansen from San Francisco, Grace DuVal of Chicago, Julian Hartzog from Tarpon Springs, Florida), Galina Mihaleva  of Phoenix, Arizona, Marjorie Taylor  from Eugene, Oregon, Laura Thaphthimkuna from the ’Chicago, Illinois, David Walker from Eugene, Oregon, Weixue Zhang (New York City.

The textile art of this year’s show included laser cutting, 3D design sculpting, as well as weaving, ceramics, and felting. I know with our pieces specifically and from what I have seen of what won overall the melding of art and science was a big concept to the garments that WOW had this year.

This year the categories included: Avant-garde, Aotearoa and Open sections are Under the Microscope, Reflective Surfaces and crowd-favorite, Bizarre Bra.

To be sure, plenty of incredible creations from plenty of other countries were represented at WOW 2018, 17 countries in all, in fact. In addition to my brothers and sister from the U.S. host country New Zealand, (the single most represented with 65 finalists) China, Poland Greece, South Korea, and Russia were a few of the others places designers came from.

In fact, at this year’s WOW 83 designers returned for the competition, among them eight (us being one of them) previous Supreme WOW Award winners.

WOW celebrated its 30th year with their 2018 show. It runs until October 14th .Tickets and more information can be found here.

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