News-Michael Kors buys Versace; FashioNXT This Weekend

Chatter across the latex wardrobe world about new developments and styles certainly fuels Twitter feeds and scene events. A new scene magazine appearing or one dying, some new rubber clothing maker appearing; whatever the news, our community gets on the happening quickly. This is also true of fashionistas and causal fans alike, getting pretty heated, and vocal, when something happens in their mainstream fashion community. And something did happen last week when Michael Kors announced they had bought Versace.
From deep inside the offices of MC we have it from a worker there that although the world was responding with Twitter fingers itching and fashion bloggers eyes raised, things pretty much ran along per usual. The source we have said mostly it was an “Oh, Wow. Ok.” that was heard among the workers, as the Michael Kors’ office buzzed along. But what actually happened in the big time world of investments and stock options, was that haute couture accessory player Michael Kors bought Versace, for $2.1 billion. Also, Michael Kors announced they were changing their name to Capri Holdings.
Decidedly we don’t get this kind of mainstream, big press news when it comes to alternate wardrobe or latex designers. As far as our business is concerned there are simply a specific amount of designers (granted, lots of them spread out across the globe) who create the wardrobe pieces we do. Some specifically design accessories, others pieces for the fetish wear, others rely on bespoke items. A spin around the Dawnamatrix Designs website (shameless plug I know, but you’re already here so what’s the harm?) shows all that we do.
For right now, the news round our way is that beyond winning at WOW (which we have been on about in the past few blogs) we are giving a show this Friday in Portland, at that city’s most cutting edge fashion show, FashioNXT.
Good luck to Michael Kors/Capri Holdings; it seems we all have a little piece of the fashion pie to partake of.

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