The World of wearableart is mere weeks away

That big turn-out WOW always enjoys, is a testament to how many folks truly love alternate fashions and future forward global designing, and how these designers, critics, reviewers and even casual fans surely love traveling to New Zealand across two fall months to be wowed.

A Sneak Preview of World of WearableArt – Up Close | Ao KākahuToi – Kia Tata

WOW especially hopes for attendees to immerse themselves in what they see and enjoy our garments in an up-close-and-personal way, something not so easily accomplished at the huge WOW competition. To make sure of this, even in the face of Covid-19, WOW ensures that the strictest of protocols will be enacted and enforced, with plenty of room for social distancing between groups.

Tokyo, New Zealand, America: Global Latex Trotting

I’m heading to Tokyo in the next weeks for some fresh inspiration on our latex couture…and life. We’re ready to soak in the Harajuku and cosplay culture, and, as they have in the past, the plum blossoms of early spring will surely greet us with their startling and colorful beauty. Stay tuned for some pictures …


2018 National Costume Show

You know about the WorldofWearable Art Event, having been with us as wehave entered and won for our various latex outfits in the past two years. Andyou don’t have to be a fashionista to have heard about and see some picturesand video of the various Fashion Weeks that happen across the world. And you don’t …


Speaking For Bespoke In 2018

Don’t worry, you can count on us to keep up. Being part of the alternative fashion universe, and rendering latex especially, we can’t help but recognize the latest of technology as far as textile art and latex clothing making. It’s just the nature of what we do that our clothing is seen in connection with the latest in costume designing, high-tech magazine set designs and made for the most forward-thinking costumers, be they celebrity divas, The World of WearableArt or you.