World of WearableArt Tickets Go On Sale In Two Weeks

We are so looking forward to seeing the amazing latex fashions, the unique leather and lace creations, the stunning metal and PVC, and all the 3D fashion rendering, at the 2022 World of Wearable Art. The WOW opening ceremony in Wellington, New Zealand is September 29th, with the show running until mid-October. And in keeping with all the updates we consistently receive and that we just as consistently forward, for any of you thinking of attending any of those WOW shows, there are only two weeks until tickets for the 2022 World of WearableArt go on sale. (Specifically, at 10:00 am, Wed May 18th)

For those who have already been or already have a WOW account, you can click here to book. For those who do not have a WOW account, one can easily be created by going here.

And here you will find the ticket type and seating guide.

As stated, opening night is September 29th at 7:30, award night the very next night, Friday, the 30th, starting at the same time, then there is a WOW show the next day, which happens to be October 1st, Saturday, again at 7;30. The show that Sunday is at 5 pm. The following week (the first full one of Oct. 2022), WOW ‘goes up’ on Thursday, October 6th & Friday 7th (at 7:30), the weekend sees two shows each day, at 1:30 and 7:30; the 12th, 13th, and 14th, the show is at 7:30, the 15th at 1:30 and 7:30 and 1:30 on the last day, October 16th.

Attending this one-of-a-kind textile art event at the TSB Arena in Wellington is pretty much unlike anything the Dawnamatrix team has ever had the privilege to see, let alone be a part of.

Are you thinking of coming this year? If so, let us know; we would love to say hi and hang a little.

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