Seattle Fashion Week Is Here!

As much participating in the fashion exhibition, we are also thrilled to be part of what will prove to be an interesting interaction of so many talented people, from the textile art field, as well as so many others that the city of Seattle has invited. Sponsors such as City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture–King Street Station, Sound Transit-Union Station, City of Seattle Office of Economic Development, City of Seattle Office of Film & Music, SDOT and Vann.Edge Salon (on-hand for the models as well as just sponsoring) assures a lot of diversity of who will be on hand…for designers and attendees bot

Big Changes To New York…Fashion Week?

Losing sponsors, venue changes, designers deciding not to show or showing in wholly different ways, mixed with after-parties and music celebrity outing/performances/runway shows taking the spotlight to many speak to a certain decline in the NYFW’s prestige and power. As a designer of certainly more ‘alternate’ couture all we can do is sit on the sidelines like the rest of you (unless somebody reading this blog is indeed one of those private appointment attendees …and if you are, please write us!) and see what comes of The Big Apple’s fashion week.

Creating Video: With Porcelain and Sierra McKenzie and Henry Vance

There is the sexy techno beat God’s Deathtrap Remix of Die Antwoord’s “I Fink You Freeky,” a kaleidoscopic overlay of images, inside and out provocation from the ladies and the matching of fur shrugs over both our high waisted panties in one scene and a cat suit in another (and a truly dangerous image of one of the ladies walking round in a gown from our Space & Time Collection, brandishing an axe.

Seattle Fashion Week Photo Shoot By David M. Bailey Featuring Dawnamatrix Couture

We have been hearing only great things though about the upcoming Seattle Fashion Week. By all accounts and our sixth sense things are going to be a smashing success between October 13th and 19th this year. We have great confidence in the people organizing the event. Experience tells us that this will certainly prove to be the premier fashion happening for the north western part of the country. And we are tickled by all the other talent on the roster.

Seattle Fashion Week Rescheduled

Not that we ever had any doubt we wouldn’t get to show-off our latex designs while celebrating Seattle, but we just learned that Seattle Fashion Week has been rescheduled for October 13th-19th. The actual fashion shows will be the 13th, 14th and 15th, with the city giving permission for a week-long proclamation of celebration of fashion and designers from/for such a fashion-rich pocket of the U.S.

Seattle Fashion Week Designer Expose

Certainly a way for Seattle Fashion Week to support, celebrate, and showcase the tremendous work their designers put in for their spring show collection pieces, this free public event welcomes a very casual exchange of interest and retail. Cameras are encouraged, as is a talking with designers as much as truly looking over their couture fashion. Attending a fashion show, one doesn’t usually get the chance to get so close to the clothes, let alone talk with a designer, or even get to buy what they see right at the moment. This Designer Exposé is unique in this way as it encourages a real connection between designer and fashionista, fan and just the curious.