Big Changes To New York…Fashion Week?


It’s not that we don’t see beyond our latex sniffing noses, but when it comes to mainstream fashion things change so quickly and are predicated as much on celebrity whim as by big business, it’s hard for us to keep track. As we attempt to infiltrate Dawnamatrix designs across the runways of events like Seattle Fashion Week, on occasion see our designs make it across a VMA stage or in a European Vogue we realize that even when we do tickle the mainstream fashion or pop world-happy to do so, of course-there is ever so much to learn and look out for.

Just this week we all learned that the massive celebrity fashion enclave and world style event, New York Fashion Week is shrinking. Big time, certainly mainstream designers like Kate Spade and Derek Lam are revealing their spring 2017 collections to invite only “private appointment” attendees. And bigwig fashion maven, the actual CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) president herself, Diane von Furstenberg, will also be presenting her spring ‘17 wardrobe by appointment only.

Losing sponsors, venue changes, designers deciding not to show or showing in wholly different ways, mixed with after-parties and music celebrity outing/performances/runway shows taking the spotlight to many speak to a certain decline in the NYFW’s prestige and power. As a designer of certainly more ‘alternate’ couture all we can do is sit on the sidelines like the rest of you (unless somebody reading this blog is indeed one of those private appointment attendees …and if you are, please write us!) and see what comes of The Big Apple’s fashion week.

Change is what fashion thrives on, be it new colors available in the latex sheeting we are buying, models of all shapes and sizes (and ages) making a mark on the scene or designers dropping out of world renown fashion weeks, things do keep moving forward for us all.

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