Dawnamatrix Designs Does FashionNXT

At the FashioNXT show in Portland recently, we got to reveal our “The New Flesh,” collection (see the pieces here). This show was of a more traditional, classic haute couture setting, and as with everyplace else we have been, we found our time in Portland, glorious.

Rockin’ Billboard, Part 2

As much talking about musicians like Katy Perry and getting the call from stylist Andrew Richardson to create what has, to date, been one of our most seen creations, the inflatable skirt and “Skater Dress” for CoverGirl’s “Plumpify Mascara” commercial, Shira also delved deep into the Dawnamatrix story. I loved how her article focused on the topic of running a latex fashion business, not just on Katy Perry latex (which could be a whole article in itself, especially for a music magazine) or cosplay or any other mainstream latex placement.

Getting Personal With Photographer Paul Allan

Finally we got to work with the man in person, as Paul was recently visiting Seattle. Here we not only got to meet Paul Allan, which was a thrill in and of itself, but also we had the opportunity to work alongside him, styling our garments during his shooting.

With a wonderful local Seattle team, we all created magic. Our model Jessica Mion was a delight, working so very hard (but making it seem so effortless) to give us exactly what we wanted. Kat Trotter-Viterbo lent her amazing talents to hair and Elenna Loredana to MUA. And Paul captured it all through his lens.

On Location With Paul Allan

We have been lucky enough to work with photographer Paul Allan for years but on this shoot we finally got to meet and collaborate in person; a singular thrill. Model Jessica Mion was simply stunning in our outfits (as you will see in this video from photo shoot) and the photo featured here. And make-up artist Loredana Elenna and hair stylist Kat Trotter-Viterbo had Jessica looking her best throughout.

It Ain’t Got That Latex Swing, Without Wonderful Models Doing Their Thing

Modes Anne Ashe (she is the brunette) and Meadow Bosworth (blonde) had their hair and makeup done by Jessie Campbell, for a shoot by the wonderful Paul Allan. Anne is modeling our Butterfly Mermaid Gown https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/dresses/butterfly-mermaid-gown/ Meadow one of our classic underwire bras and dragon fin collar. https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/classics/underwire-bra-2/ https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/accessories-m/dragon-fin-collar-2/

Valentine’s Day Latex

Yes, flowers and chocolate are all the rage on Feb. 14th (and usually overpriced for the day) and you will catch any number of couples scrambling for a table at their favorite bistro. But really, why not settle down (which most of us will be doing come the end of the evening anyway, no?) and unwrap yourself to reveal some couture that’s sure to get the blood pumping red, or present your lady with some under things you’d just love to see her in. Come on, we’re not above a little sexy talk and pricking of our naughty natures, there would be no way to sell latex and not admit to it being used as much to show-off at lifestyle events as for some decidedly naughty, even downright kinky play at times.