Rockin’ Billboard, Part 2

You read from our last blog about our interview in Billboard Magazine and writer Shira Karsen exploring the mainstreaming of latex clothing. Well, since the piece has been up and running we have seen an increased volume of inquiries from latex enthusiasts, fashion bloggers, and stylists. We knew Shira’s article, and Billboard, in general, would have such a reach…but what a reach it is!

As much talking about musicians like Katy Perry and getting the call from stylist Andrew Richardson to create what has, to date, been one of our most seen creations, the inflatable skirt and “Skater Dress” for CoverGirl’s “Plumpify Mascara” commercial, Shira also delved deep into the Dawnamatrix story. I loved how her article focused on the topic of running a latex fashion business, not just on Katy Perry latex (which could be a whole article in itself, especially for a music magazine) or cosplay or any other mainstream latex placement.


We also had the chance to show off some sketches in the piece (one seen here) something we usually don’t share with the public; as to be expected, most people are concerned with the end result of our work. I loved being able to open myself up this way, to such an interested party, who treated the art of what I do (and I have always viewed it as an art) with such respect and was so interested in us. As you will see in the article, we talked influences, custom made ordering, Katy and other musicians we have worked with, other outfits we have made and even how to wear latex best.

You never know how an interview will turn out. Surely, we took our time answering Shira’s questions to the fullest, but through editing, any answer can be cut or come out in a way favoring a question that might be altered in the final copy. Shira Karsen made us look fabulous, better than we could have ever expected.

The credits (beyond writer Shira Karsen) for the piece are:

Photographer: Paul Allan/Model: Meadow Bosworth/ Hair and Makeup: Jesse Campbell

We thank all these talents people, and Billboard, for having us.

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