Dawnamatrix and Billboard, A ‘Rockin’ Match-Part 1

Dawnamatrix and Billboard, A ‘Rockin’ Match-Part 1

Latex clothing and Billboard? Why not, we say. Writer Shira Karsen, the Lifestyle Editor for Billboard.com recognizes how the styles and material we so love are slipping ever further into the mainstream in her just published: “The Fashion Designer Bringing Latex From Cosplay to Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj: Exclusive”…an exclusive with, yours truly!

It’s a wonderfully close connected world we live in when a talented oh-so-enthusiastic writer-who we have never met-can just reach out, involve us smack dab in the middle of a culture piece she is penning and it ends up this fantastic! That the interview-to-posting happened in so short an amount of time, that so so many people will read about us (Shira’s piece also appears on TheHollywoodReporter.com and all of Billboard Media social platforms like, VIBE, SPIN Stereogum) and that we could so expound on that specific alternative fashion we have been championing for years was a super-dooper thrill for the whole Dawnamatrix team, to be sure.

As you will read in the piece-and to be expected since this is Billboard after all-Shira asked us a goodly amount of questions concerning current popular musicians, like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. She wanted to know how latex outfits are used in their image/performance, as much as how we have come to work specifically with these ladies (shhh, we can’t tell you about the N.M. connection just yet, but you will see that Shira embedded the link to the K.P. “Plumpify” commercial we made the clothes for.) Above and beyond being able to talk about ourselves at length (no, we aren’t so evolved that we don’t enjoy a little bragging from time to time) what we especially appreciated from Shira, was how she treated the textile art designing of what we do. She knew from the outset that latex wearing/making is not a fad, she appreciated and wanted to know about the history here, as much as learn about our personal background and where we felt latex wearing fit into the culture.

In the next blog we will get into even more specifics of Shira Karsen’s most wonderful article. Click here to read it: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/lifestyle/7751614/the-latex-fashion-designer-to-the-stars

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