Finding Latex In Paris

We are all fully aware that the City Of Lights plays host to many a latex outfit, naughty midnight encounter, expat canoodling over coffee and cigarettes. Like London, Berlin, Amsterdam, the kink-minded, fetish clothing wearer, even just the lifestyle curious can walk Parisian byways looking for any kind of intrigue and style, and will most likely find even more than they expect.

Add to that intrigue DeMasK’s recent opening in the basement of Metamoprh’Ose/Phylea and anything is possible between Pomidou Center and Marsais presently.

Metamoprh’Ose took over the space @ 49 rue Quincampoix, 75004 two years ago. In that time they found many latex suppliers closing and needed a conduit for that haute couture we all love so much. Reaching out to the infamous DeMasK brand, as of March DeMasK Paris officially launched in Métamorph’Ose/Phyléa’s impressive space, featuring a high ceiling basement. And while not all of the DeMasK wardrobe or accessories are on sale at this store, one could inquire about custom made items, have repairs done and of course order DeMasK items off their online cataloge.

Though Dawnamatrix is U.S.-based latex designer we do venture off the continent often for runway events and latex conventions. At the very least we keep our ears open to exactly what is happening in the latex supply and design world. And as we have always maintained, and as you have read us writing about before, we don’t as much feel a competition with other makers of latex (ok, maybe a slight competition) as we do a camaraderie that when something positive happens in the community-a store opening, a new brand emerging, an event selling out-it just helps us all.

Dawnamatrix wishes DeMasK Paris, Metamoprh’Ose/Phylea and all the people who come to that shop to revel in that textile art we love so much, the very best in this new venture.

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